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Visa Information

All the travelers including Japanese citizens are required to obtain visas in order to enter Mozambique, except those who hold passports of countries of visa waiver program participants and those who hold official/diplomatic passports of some countries. However, foreign citizens who do not hold resident visa/status either in Japan, South Korea, Australia, or New Zealand cannot apply for a visa at our Embassy in Tokyo. Please note that the decisions on visa issuance vary case by case.



<Arrival tourist visa is now available>

Arrival tourist visas are now available at border posts including international airports in Mozambique for those who reside in countries where there is no Embassy/Consulate of Mozambique. These arrival tourist visas allow those visa holders to enter and exit Mozambique twice, and those visa holders can stay as long as for 30 consecutive days within Mozambique per each entry.



* The Embassy normally accepts applications only within 1 month to your arrival date in Mozambique. For example, if you plan to enter Mozambique on Jan.1, we can accept your visa application afterDecember 1. Visa will expire after 60 days from the date of emission. Please note that visa holders must make final exit on or earlier than the date written on visa.





Please note that applicant's signature on his/her visa application form must be the same one as the one on his/her passport. We do not accept changes or cancellations once applications are received.


* The Embassy does not accept visa applications by mail sent from within Japan, so applicants or their proxies need to apply directly and personally at the Embassy. If you are Japanese, South Korean, Australian, and New Zealand passport holders, and other foreign nationals who live either in South Korea, Australia or New Zealand, you can apply for visa by using courier. Please contact us via email at: moz.consular@embamoc.jp before you apply for visa at our embassy. Please note that the returning shipping cost(DHL Express service) must be paid by the applicant.


There are some updates in required visa application documents for certain visas. Please click here to learn about the requirements change.(July 29, 2015)




Monday through Friday (except Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays of Japan & Mozambique)

Pick Up





A. Required to All Applicants

    <Both Japanese & Non-Japanese Nationals>


1. Passport

  • More than 6 months before it expires
  • Requires at least 4 straight blank pages


2.  Application Form

  • Please click here to download visa application form.
  • Please click here to see the sample of visa application form.
  • Please be sure to sign with the same signature that appear on your passport when you sign on the visa application form.
  • Do not forget to fill out your accommodation information


3.  2 Photographs (Size: 3.5cm*4.5cm)

  • Both black-white and color images are acceptable
  • Write the name of the applicant at the back of the photographs
  • Att: no need to submit photos in case of reapplication in the same year


4.  Itinerary (Round-trip ticket)

  • The copy of E-ticket or reservation confirmation from airline companies or travel agency in English. Make sure that the copy of E-ticket or reservation confirmation have reference/confirmation numbers.
  • If you plan to enter and/or extit Mozambique from/to the neighboring countries by land, please submit a travel plan in English or in Portuguese, including the dates and the name of entry/exit boarder. Also, if your travel plan is not clear to us, for example, your arrival airport in Africa is diffrent from the departure airport from Africa, please submit a travel plan in English or in Portuguese as well. Please click here for a sample of travel plan.
  • In case of Diplomatic / Official / Transit / Work / Student / Residence visa, you can submit the copy of One-way ticket.

5. Copy of Yellow card

  • Please refer to the section down below about "International Certificate of Vaccination (Yellow Card)"and submit copy of your yellow card if you travel(including transit) to any of the countries in the list, prior to entering to Mozambique.



B. Additional documents

   <Both Japanese & Non-Japanese Nationals>




Additional documents

Diplomatic or

Official (*1)

30/ 90 days


* Note Verbele


30/ 90 days


Official letter from Mozambican Government
Residents for accompanying family

30 days (*2)

Single only

  • Police record (from the country of applicant’s nationality or from the country that applicant had lived within 1 year from the date of visa application, and it must not be more than 90 days old by the time DIRE application in Mozambique)
  • Medical certificate (Medical examination must have been done within 90 days from visa application day)
  • Document to prove of having enough living expense to stay in Mozambique, including housing fee
  • Proof of income, if you do not have sponsor
  • Letter of guarantee, if you will be supported by  a sponsor who work/reside in Mozambique
  • Copy of passport, DIRE, Visa of sponsor
  • Copy of work contract, copy of work permit or invitation letter from the organization/ministry the sponsor works with in Mozambique, in case sponsor works in Mozambique
  • Document to proof family relation to the guarantor (ex. mariage certificate, birth certificate)

Temporary Permanence

(Temporary unavailable)

30/90 days


  • Identification document other than passport(Ex. Driver’s license)
  • Police record (with no crime history, it must not be more than 90 days old by the time DIRE application in Mozambique)
  • Document to prove of having enough living expense to stay in Mozambique(Ex. Bank statement certificate, Salary certificate of your spouse, etc.)
  • Interview with the consul***The embassy may ask for more additional documents by case


30 days

Single(90 days Multiple)

  • Travel plan or flight itinerary to show the second  entry to Mozambique is planned (in case you wish to apply for multiple entry visa)
  • Copy of hotel reservation

(If you plan to stay at your family/friends's house, you will need to apply for a visa under the purpose of "Visit your family or friends")


7 day

Single only

* You must hold the visa of the next/

   destination country before you apply.

Visit your family or friends

30/90 days


  • Proof of capability of payment of medical expense, if the applicant will enter Mozambique for medical treatment
  • Guarantee letter, agreeing to ensure staying expense in Mozambique and returning ticket/cost, from family member or friends in Mozambique.
  • Copy of identification document(Ex. passport, DIRE, etc,)of the guarantor
  • Travel plan or flight itinerary to show the second  entry to Mozambique is planned (in case you wish to apply for multiple entry visa) , and this information can be included in the guarantee letter
Sports/Cultural Activity(Temporary unavailable)

30 days Single only

Invitation letter from the organizer of event, competition, camp training, exhibition, etc.


30/90 days


  • Recommendation Letter from your company or Invitation Letter from Mozambique
  • Travel plan or flight itinerary to show the second  entry to Mozambique is planned (in case you wish to apply for multiple entry visa) , and this information can be included in the recommendation/invitation letter
Investment(Temporary unavailable)

30/90 days


Authorization letter of investment for more than 50 million USD from related ministries of Mozambique


30 days (*2)

Single only

  • Medical Certificate (Medical examination must have been done within 90 days from visa       application day)
  • Proof of receiving scholarship or proof of capability of paying tuition
  • Proof of housing address in Mozambique
  • Admission letter from educational institution
  • Written pledge to promise to return to applicant’s home country after finishing study abroad in Mozambique
  • Recommendation letter from company/organization, if applicant is dispatched from company/organization to study in Mozambique 
  • Police record(for DIRE application, it must not be more than 90 days old by the time DIRE application in Mozambique)


30 days (*2)

Single only

  • Work contract or equivalent document to show that the applicant has project/work in Mozambique
  • Registration certificate of company/activity authorization of company from Industry Bureau, Work authorization from the Bureau of Work, when applicant work for corporation
  • Activity authorization from the Ministry of Justice, if applicant will engage in religious activities
  • Authorization document from relevant government agency, if applicant will engage in public projects
  • Medical certificate (Medical examination must have been done within 90 days from visa application day)
  • Invitation Letter from the organization/ministry you work with in Mozambique, indicating    applicant's position, expected period of stay in Mozambique
  • Proof of accommodation/housing in Mozambique
  • Proof that applicant has enough fund to return to his/her home country after finishing his/her work in Mozambique?(Ex. Copy of returning ticket, a letter of guarantee from organization/company that applicant works for to assure of his/her returning)***When applicant works for public projects, relevant government agencies can exempt for this from this fund, but if applicant is not capable of proving having enough funds for returning expense, the Immigration Bureau may request to pay deposit money
  • Police record(for DIRE application, it must not be more than 90 days old by the time DIRE application in Mozambique)

The maximum period of stay in Mozambique is for 30 consecutive days per entry for both 30 days single entry visa and 90 days multiple entry visa.


(*1) Diplomatic or Official passports are required for these type of visa.

(*2) The applicant needs to apply for Resident status <DIRE> at the Immigration Office

        in Mozambique until the expiration date. (in 30days)



C. Additional documents <Only for Foreigners reside in either Japan, South Korea, Australia, or New Zealand>


If a visa applicant is not a passport holder of Japan, South Korea, Australia, or New Zealand, and reside either in Japan, South Korea, Australia, or New Zealand, please submit the followings items.

*Bank Certificate of your/your financial supporter's balance statement in English

 - The period of validity of Bank Certificate is for one month within the issue date.  

 - Bank certificate is not the same as the statement of account.

 - The minimum amount of balance that you need to show is 300,000 JPY or equivalent to 300,000 JPY


* Document to prove your resident/long term stay status in Japan, South Korea, Australia, or New Zealand.

Example:Copy of the Resident Visa of Japan and the Passport that has that Resident Visa of Japan, Original and/or copy of Zairyu (Resident) Card


* Transit Visas of the Republic of South Africa

The Republic of Mozambique does not accept an entry to Mozambique for foreign visitors who enter South Africa as destination or transit without holding a correspondent entry visa.

The Embassy requires for foreign passport holders, *who are necessary to hold a transit visa of the Republic of South Africa, to have the transit visa before applying a visa at the Mozambican Embassy.

*Please Click here to see if you will need to have a South African Transit visa.




Recommendation/Invitation Letter, Guarantee Letter


Please click here for SAMPLE letter. Recommendation/Invitation/Guarantee letter

Fax or Copy or PDF file are also acceptable, (please check signature and Company's stamp)




Yellow Fever:

International Certificate of Vaccination (Yellow Card)


Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if the traveler will visit any of the

following countries before entering Mozambique: ...............

Angola, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Colombia,Congo, Cote d’lvoire, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Polynesia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Kenya, Central African Republic, DRCongo, Rwanda, Somalia, San Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda and Venezuela. 

* If you transit in the countries above, please submit Copy of Vaccination Certificate.



Filming requirements in Mozambique


If you film in Mozambique, you must hold the filming permission authorized by the National Institute of filming "Instituto Nacional de Cinema" before you apply Mozambican entry visa. Requests for filming licenses should be addressed to:

Instituto Nacional de Audiovisual e Cinema (INAC)

Av Agostinho Neto No. 960, Maputo

Caixa Postal 679




Cell: +258-82-306-7084 / +258-84-300-7586

Email: dg.inac@tvcabo.co.mz


* If you plan to film in Mozambique, please submit a Copy of Filming permission.


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Visa Fees

Payment for the Visa

Please make visa fee payment after you apply for visa.

The Embassy does not accept any refund of visa fee.


Branch: Toranomon

Branch code: 041
Account  No.: 2265306 (Ordinary account)
Beneficiary Name: Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique
Address of the Bank: 1-4-2, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, 105-0001



Processing time
Ordinary Issue
7-10 days
8,500 yen
Urgent Issue
2-3 days
12,000 yen
Extra Urgent Issue
1 day
16,000 yen
Ordinary Issue
7-10 days
17,000 yen
Uegent Issue
2-3 days
25,500 yen
Extra Urgent Issue
1 day
29,750 yen



*Applicants applying from South Korea, Australia, or New Zealand, please note that there might be 4000 yen bank fees(or more, depending on your bank in your country) in order for the Embassy to receive your visa fee. Therefore you may need to deposit 4000 yen extra(or more, depending on your bank in your country), in addition to visa fee or simply choose "OUR" in the bank fee payment option for all the bank fees to be charged to your account, when you pay visa fee(If "SHARE"is chosen in the bank fee payment option, bank fee will be charged to the embassy).


If you have further questions, please contact our Consular Section at


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